Risk Assessment & Safe System Of Work for Covid-19 Working

Additional measures to be take during COVID-19 Virus Working


To be read in conjunction with Site Specific Risk Assessment for Tasks (Usual Work Place Risk Assessments) associated with the Well Being of Workers


Site Induction & Staff Protection:
All Staff Inductions/ instructions from Management to all staff on safe working will be conducted with the Social Distancing guidelines maintained. In addition all payment handling staff/ staff that deal at close quarters with members of the public to be protected by a Perspex sneeze screen and face covering.

 Access / egress to site:
Ensure you enter the Garden Centre through the main reception doors, prior to entry to the Building ensure hands are sanitised using the facilities supplied at the entrance area. If staff use any other entrance then they are to sanitise their hands prior to entry.


Welfare arrangements for staff:

Breaks to be staggered to avoid congregation in canteen areas, with a maximum of 2 people (workers) round the canteen ensuring social distancing at all times. 3 People (workers) allowed in the external Conservatory area. Alternatively in quieter times staff can sit outside/ inside areas. Garden Centre staff and Restaurant Centre staff are to take their breaks in separate areas to encourage staff to maintain working/ mixing in their assigned “Bubble” only. Colleagues can consume home prepared food and warm food at work by operating the microwaves. However Social Distancing to be maintained. Ensure durations are not exceeded so that people do not overlap on their breaks. Social distancing measures around congregation hotspots such as the drink dispensers these must be observed at all times. If the Canteen is busy during the time in which you are supposed to have your break, then leave and report the issues to your line Manager.

If handling cash then ensure that you wash your hands immediately/ sanitise immediately/ as soon as is reasonable afterwards. Contactless payments have been increased to £45 to reduce the need for members of the public to touch key buttons on payment machines.


Medical arrangements: 
Additional measures to be provided for First Aiders given the additional risks posed by CV19 and how to protect themselves and others. Resuscitation UK guidance to be issued to first aiders:- Resuscitation Council UK Statement on COVID-19 in relation to CPR and resuscitation in first aid and community settings


Supervision arrangements
Team Leaders/ Line Managers to monitor the arrangements to ensure that Social Distancing is maintained.


Specific Protection of the Public:

·         All members of the public encouraged to wear face coverings whilst visiting the Centre

·         All members of the public encouraged to follow Government Guidance and to maintain social distancing, not to gather in groups.

·         Members of the public encouraged not to move tables and chairs along with general furniture. Furniture to remain in it’s pre-determined position.

·         Members of the public not to become to raucous if meeting another household, shouting/ bellowing to each other not permitted.

·         Members of the public encouraged to vacate their tables and chairs (if eating/ drinking produce as quickly as is reasonable and not to linger longer than is necessary.

·         Members of the public encouraged to look out for control measures such as 1 way systems, signage, hand sanitisers, social distancing markers etc and to adhere to them.

·         Numbers are restricted during this period to 40 trolleys and 60 cars in the carpark, with numbers of people entering monitored at all times. Once maximum numbers are reached then no additional persons will be allowed to enter until others have left first.

·         Trolleys are sanitized at the entrance to the Garden Centre by a member of staff, cleaning stations provided throughout the Centre.

·         Communication amongst all staff to help with emergencies/ pinch points/ areas of issue.

·         Pinch points are opened up to allow for one way systems and waiting areas (areas to wait until a person passes).

·         1 ways systems set up and signage depicting 1 way systems.

·         Staff monitoring the arrangements to intervene where social distancing is being broken.

·         Staff to be aware that the Police can be called if social unrest is being detected by them.

·         Queuing areas to be outside (non-enclosed) such as the entrance to the Potting Shed/ Restaurant Area. Only enclosed area is the queue to the garden centre checkout.

·         Staff to direct customers of where to stand when paying for services.

·         Toilets and sinks are restricted to maintain social distancing.

·         Disabled toilet opened up as a unisex toilet during this period.

·         Toilets are regularly cleaned and monitored hourly for cleanliness.

·         Tables and Chairs in the restaurant and potting shed are cleaned after each use before being allowed to be reused by another group.

·         External Table and Chairs are cleaned regularly, in addition cleaning stations are located for self-cleaning prior to use.

·         Hand sanitiser available at the entrance to the Potting Shed, Restaurant dining areas and toilets.

·         The Restaurant and Potting shed have a separate queue to the Coffee van and external seating area and are strictly seated areas (people to be directed where to seat by a member of staff) only. The external seating area is open to all persons. However, the Potting Shed and Restaurant are restricted to purchases made in those areas only.

·         Tables are set up so that seating arrangements face away from each other.

·         Test and Trace information holding stations set up for persons eating and drinking in the Potting Shed and Restaurant areas in line with Government Guidelines.

·         Maximum of 6 people only to gather around tables (where the tables and chairs are set out this way). No more than 2 households to sit together in line with Government Guidelines.

·         Sorry No Dogs Permitted into the Potting Shed and Restaurant Areas, other than assistance dogs such as guide dogs.

·         No persons to seek shelter inside when queuing in any outside queue.



General Principles

·         All colleagues to stay away from the workplace for a minimum of 7 days if they are displaying symptoms of Covid-19, or a minimum of 14

days if anyone they live with are displaying symptoms. Colleagues that are Self-Isolating or Shielding are to discuss with their line manager prior to attempting to return to work.

·         All members of the public are to stay away from the premises if they are self isolating/ show symptoms of Covid-19 for a minimum of 7 days or a minimum of 14 days if they live with someone displaying Symptoms.

·         All members of the public and workers to stay away from the premises if instructed to do so by the NHS Test (Track) and Trace System

·            Non-essential physical work that requires close contact (less than 2m) between workers shall not be carried out.

·         Where work requires closer than 2m    working then workers will be provided with a 3 ply face covering/ mask