Join us on one of our Bee Keeping Experience days in the summer. Receive a practical basic introduction into the world of bees and bee keeping at Walker's very own apiary!

The day includes learning the following skills:
- Examination of a national beehive & its structure
- Health & safety, including personal protective equipment
- Hands on experience of using a bee suit, smoker & hive tool
- Opening a beehive & removing frames for inspection
- Identifying the castes of the honey & other bees
- Recognising brood & stores (honey)

A unique gift idea
Why not treat someone to a bee keeping experience voucher - a truly unique gift!

Our Bee Keeping Experience Days run on selected Wednesdays & Sundays from June - August. The day starts with tea & coffee in the conservatory and includes a complimentary lunch in the Garden Restaurant!

Booking is essential, call the office on 01302 770 325 for more information!