Spring is fast approaching and we’re hoping to provide a little inspiration on showcasing the humble pine and conifer into your garden!


Laurence Walker began growing Pines and Conifers at Walker’s Nurseries not long after it was established in 1951. He became quite the expert, passing on his knowledge through the family. Today, over 60 years on, David Walker and team are still proudly growing our beloved pines and conifers in the nursery! We specialise in dwarf and slow growing varieties and have specimens of varying maturity throughout the nursery.


Click here to watch our video: Walker’s Heritage | Pines and Conifers


In your garden:

Pines and conifers are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to compliment a garden of any size.


Here’s some ideas:

- Pots, troughs & containers

- Rock & Alpine Gardens

- Eye catchers & focal points

- Japanese style gardens

- Ground cover

- Sculptural features - Such as the Japanese technique of cloud pruning or ‘Niwaki’.

- Creating year round structure & interest


Graham Bodle demonstrates how versatile pines are in on of his recent Chelsea Flower Show entries, The Walker’s Wharf Garden. Walkers were most recently awarded a Gold medal for the 'Best Artisan Garden' at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017. The main anchor points of the tree planting scheme were larger specimens and dwarf species of pine. These specimens created structure and a feeling of maturity within the garden.

Our Pine Trail in the Garden Centre is a great place to pick up some inspiration. There's lots of Pines varying in maturity, texture and form. Most of these are grown by David just over the road in our plant nursery.


Or if you would like some inspiration on a larger scale, take a look around our Show Gardens. Elements of Chelsea Flower Show gardens have been recreated too!