This book is a historical novel about Eleanor of Aquitaine during the 12th Century, starting with the death of her father to her being married to Henry II of England.


The book received mixed reviews - some really enjoyed it, others not so much, and some struggled to finish reading it.  It was described by one member as a ‘hysterical’ novel and by another as resembling Mills and Boon!!  Each to their own.


I had no prior knowledge of this period in history and it served as an insight into life at the time especially within the nobility. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will go on to read the two follow up books, The Winter Crown and The Autumn Throne.  It is overflowing with scandal, politics, sex, tragedy and triumphs for Eleanor who was married at thebage of 13 to the soon-to- be Louis VII of France.  The novel contains very detailed descriptions, sometimes, according to some of the group, overdone.


The accuracy of the content was questioned, the author herself agrees there is a lot of ambiguity, but as in all history many facts are not always truly believable. This is history from 900 years ago so discrepancies are to be expected.  


Overall the group gave it an average score of 6/10


Chris Peace Cotton Feb 2018